Last night we camped out on a giant disc structure on top of a mountain that overlooks all of Los Angeles county. It was a good night

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i’ve never met nicki minaj but i trust her


Put my son to sleep in his new onesie, woke up to a bear raiding my drawers.
Anonymous asked:
what you think of the Chanel fashion show that just happened?




I think it’s great in some aspects and iffy in others… Some of the signs were well, “signs” of a very exclusive type of feminism

It’s hard to look at the Chanel feminist finale as a really progressive thing because I mean look at the runway, it’s a simple majority of white women whose industry has created and contributes to some of the very problems feminism is trying to repair. It’s not that great other than the fact that it is kind of positive that feminism is “in style”

And also the designer, Karl Lagerfeld, is certainly not a feminist. He has insulted the appearances of many women, as seemingly all fashion designers do. He called Adele too fat and said this about Pippa Middleton ‘I don’t like they sisters face. She should only show her back’.

And not only were most of the women involved white, they were also all skinny to my knowledge. If this show was really aiming to promote feminism than maybe it should have shown some push back against the absurd and, for many, unhealthy beauty standards shamelessly upheld by the fashion industry.

Agreed. To me, it simply was a parade of models showcasing two of the season’s biggest trends: feminism and activism. And with as much applause as this show probably garnered, I can’t help but to cringe. The whole point that the show seemed to give off is that you can wear activism much in the same way that you can wear a Chanel SS/15 coat.



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52 days, 5 hours since Mike Brown was killed.


Almost 52 days after shooting Mike Brown at least 6 times, Darren Wilson enlists police union attorney. On one hand, I find it incredible that he waited this long to engage a union attorney. On the other, I hope this means he now thinks he will be indicted. Maybe that’s why he didn’t do it before now.

99 more days until Grand Jury deadline.


i’ll show you the dark side of the moon


*planet explodes* *removes one earbud* what